MAU MAUS: Fear No Evil: LP

Jul 21, 2015

Truth be told, snobby teenaged me never gave these cats a fair shake ‘cause (in said teenaged mind) they’d had the temerity to jack their name from one of L.A.’s more infamous bands. As a result, my previous experience with them is limited to an odd thrashy track heard here or there and little else. According to the sparse liner notes on this Czech pressing of their first studio full-length originally released 1985 on Rebellion Records, they decided to mix things up a bit adding slower tempos, poppy elements, and even some odd cover songs (Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” and the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” figure here) to their otherwise solid U.K. punk sound. Although I remain decidedly in the L.A. Mau Maus camp, I gotta admit I missed out on these cats the first time ‘round. Glad that this has given me the chance to rectify that previous short-sighted error in judgment. 

 –jimmy (PHR)