MATT K. SHRUGG: Let It Go: Cassette

I’ve only heard of Matt Shrugg through his release Matt Shrugg Goes Banana, which is a sweet little flexi of Shrugg covering The Bananas. But what I didn’t know was that he was part of the trio The Pizzas (SAC) and was once a member of the Zodiac Killers from SF as well. Oh the internet is just ripe with information, and can cure ignorance in a matter of seconds. Use it wisely, my friends. This tape features two songs: “Let It Go” and “No, Not the Sunrise,” which loop albeit imperfectly throughout the tape—sometimes with a false start, and even a complete cut off—but eventually has two unfettered recordings, both of which are quite good. “Let It Go” starts with a sweet little riff, cleanly recorded without effects, yet somehow warbled by the production and perhaps the fact it’s simply on tape (which is not a stellar medium). The vocals in both songs have been (I believe) harmonized similar to the Beatles “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and both songs have a snappy, early Beatles ‘60s sound. It’s not all retro throwback here, though. Shrugg brings a freshness to it all, and keeps things pertinent to what he’s trying to do, which is just creating some sunny garage pop, with no frills, just skills. 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Charles Albright, [email protected])