MATILDA EFFECT, THE #1: $3, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 6 pgs

Nov 16, 2015

Aiming to share stories of ladies in science, this zine’s first issue focuses on Frances Glessner Lee.First off, what an awesome zine idea! Going into it, I knew nothing of Frances—a woman who dreamed of becoming a doctor or a nurse, but was unfortunately forced into the traditional role of housewife. Thankfully Frances divorced, and then met a man who shared her love of science and medicine. Frances also loved making miniatures and decided to create reproductions of crime scenes to assist detectives in solving suspicious murders and deaths. Detectives and police alike loved her attention to detail and her miniature dioramas helped them examine things more closely. After reading this, I went online and found an entire website dedicated to her that also included photos of her miniature crime scenes! If you love the macabre and murder mysteries, I highly suggest checking out this issue. –Tricia (The Matilda Effect,