MATICS, THE: Self-titled: CDEP

Nov 08, 2007

First release since 2001’s Ignition shows the band updating their sound with a new drummer and songs that thrash around like a caged animal being tortured with a stun gun. “343” features dueling guitars while “Symptoms in Tread” recalls the best that Fugazi had to offer. My favorite track on this platter is “The Last Swashbuckler” which sports precision batterings from drummer Ronnie DiCola that may cause your ears to bleed. That’s certainly my idea of a good time. Pat K. and Jim Mertz trade off on both guitars and vocals and their tight interplay provides solid cohesion to their sound. According to the liner notes, this was recorded in an oil factory outside Chicago. I can practically smell the grime oozing through the speakers on this one. This CD wraps up with a live song, “I Sacrifice I,” which showcases throbbing bass chunks that Pierre Kezdy would be proud of. Pick this one up and play it really loud in your basement. It will hold any loose foundations in place.

 –koepenick (World Records)

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