MASSMORD / SHADES OF GREY: Self-titled: 12” Split

This reprint of ‘07 and ‘08 Swedish hardcore should have everyone smiling. Compared to Wolfbrigade, Massmord, who are now using the moniker Future Ruins, offer up six d-beat, politipunk tunes. While this is sung in Swedish, don’t fret; there is a blurb in English on each track giving listeners insight into the aim of each song. With snarling vocals and heavy chords, Massmord attacks capitalism, the lack of autonomy, work, and my fav, “Missnöjets Ruiner,” which challenges punk collectives to remember we’re all on the same side and stop squabbling over the small stuff. Shades Of Grey fit seamlessly into the mix with English lyrics and automatic gun fire drums. Five tracks address the aristocratic one percent, the invisible prison we live in, exploitation, and despair. This is prime Swedish crust. If you didn’t get it then, you best get it now on swirly lavender vinyl. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Nakkeskudd Plater / Profane Existence / Blindead Productions / Contraszt! / Vex)