MASSHYSTERI: Self-titled: 7”

May 26, 2008

As I imagine everyone on the planet was, I was completely bummed out when I heard that The Vicious had called it a day. Their final Igen 7” had been in constant rotation since it came out and their other records rarely made it back onto the shelf. After pacing around my apartment, heartbrokenly singing “Dead Town” to myself for what seemed like an eternity (but was actually more like twenty minutes), I received the word that there was indeed a new post-Vicious band in the works and that they’d taken their name from The Vicious’ finest song. When I finally heard the Masshysteri 7”, it was as if my old friends had never gone away and that they’d been listening to a ton of Gorilla Angreb in their brief absence. If you liked The Vicious, which I know you did, you will like this. It’s like, the best. –Dave Williams 

 –guest (Feral Ward,