MASS KOTKI: Miau Miau Miau: LP

Sep 07, 2010

…it seems that whenever i run across an electropunk ((if you will)) record, it’s usually from a band ((if you will)) from an Eastern European country. Dunno if that’s because that’s just where this stuff comes from, or if it’s just some coincidence based on the fact that my electropunk ((if you will)) experience constitutes a relatively small sample size. Be that as it may, if Helen Love is a sackful of magenta, yellow and cyan jellybeans ((and most of us think that she is)), these two pert Polish lasses are a well-turned jellybean vessel populated with solely the black variety ((though i’d stop myself just short of saying that they taste like anise)). Lyrics are generally sung in Polish, but are printed in both Polish and English—any inklings the listener might have of learning Polish by following the lyric sheet will likely be quashed by the fact that the back of the poster-sized lyric sheet is occupied by a photo of both girls, nude except for boots, bracelets, and large wrenches, thus rendering the urge to experience the lyric side pretty dismissible. Side two spins at 45 RPM, and is more along the dancey-remix train of thought, making the entire experience not terribly unlike a cross between “Hell Comes To Your House” and the un-punk side of any given “Rodney on the ROQ” comp album. The one song sung in English—”Forever 18”—is a pretty lyrically generic lament about societal standards of pulchritude, so my suggestion is to ride that Polish thing—not to mention that whole nudity thing—’til it drops. Ride that Polska! BEST SONG: “Siniaki” BEST SONG TITLE: “Wino” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Oddly, the band is related neither to Mass Giorgini, nor to Leo Kottke.

 –norb (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)