Nov 27, 2012

These two bands from the Midwest pair together well… almost too well, as both bands play a super catchy brand of pop punk which is both slick and done with ardent loyalty to those who have come before them. Masked Intruder, from Madison WI, immediately reminded me of the Fastbacks if they had a dude singer. The four songs on their side are a little more traditional pop influenced than the Turkletons side. Flip the record over and the Turkletons, from Minneapolis, offer up two songs much in the same vein, just a little punker. Where the song structure of the Masked Intruder songs are short songs based around sung choruses and seemingly the least amount of lyrics possible, the Turkletons take the exact opposite approach on their side with more traditional wordy stories of love and pain. For pop punk fans, this record is as solid as they get.

 –Mark Twistworthy (Rad Girlfriend,

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