MASERATI: Maserati VII: CD/2 x LP

Jan 11, 2013

Two years after the death of their drummer, Jerry Fuchs, Maserati is back with another solid piece of instrumental indie prog rock. Pardon the pun, but in many ways, it’s as though they haven’t missed a beat. The band continues their progressive rock evolution, this time drawing from influences such as prog-era Genesis (see their song “Abracadabracab”) and Kraftwerk to create an album that picks up where they left off with Passages, their 2010 release. The nine songs that emerge over fifty-four minutes show that the group hasn’t changed much but still has a few ideas up their collective sleeve. That includes the first use of vocals (“Solar Exodus,” although done through a vocoder), and some utilization of keyboards. I’ve been a fan since Maserati’s first album (37:29:24) was released back in 2000. While the band has changed members and their sound has progressed from indie-rock influenced jamming to electronic-influenced music, the band has remained competent in all they do. It’s really hard for me to understate how well Maserati has served me as fulfilling background noise, too. I can read to their songs without getting distracted, but also realize that there is competent, catchy, quality music being played in the background. This is music one can get lost in or sit back and listen to closely in order to try and figure out what makes such a tight group of musicians work so well. Maserati VII certainly continues in that vein of success.

 –kurt (Temporary Residence)

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