MASAKARI: The Profit Feeds: LP

Nov 30, 2010

I have read a few reviews of this before a copy finally dropped into my hands. I read references of His Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, and Tragedy. I hear a little bit of that but for me I hear more HolyMountain, Trap Them, and Iron Lung on this release. It’s a major growth from their debut 7”. A delivery of Southern, down-tuned heaviness—even though they are from Ohio—mixed with a hardcore, crust, and d-beat rage. Vocals that are screamed with an intensity that make me picture bile is being sprayed out of the vocalist’s mouth. Their guitars go past the basic chords at times to create a more aggressive picture. The drummer seems more heavy-hitting on this one with his pummeling hits and fast fills. The bass sounds so good this time around, too. A good mixture of really low tones mixed with a mid bass that cut through. Overall, the energy is never lost in these songs. Whether they are playing slow, mid-tempo, or fast, the execution of energy never dissipates.

 –don (Halo Of Flies)