MARVIN GAYS, THEE: Self-titled: LP

Nov 18, 2011

With an album cover simultaneously reminiscent of both Nig-Heist and Rancid Vat, I expected at least semi-greatness from these squiggly Europeans. They turned out to be actually more of a low budget punk-psych excursion, with clean guitars inflicting a gentle punk pounding. The cover feels so much like the Nig-Heist cover in a tactile sense that i keep wanting to call this a cross between the second Jefferson Airplane album and Nig-Heist, but, really, that’s just kinda stupid, so forget i ever said it. Business picks up for a while on the second side, where the tempo ratchets up for a couple songs in a row, but “Tight Little Pussy” this ain’t. BEST SONG: “Get Married,” harrowingly enough. BEST SONG TITLE: “Desperately Ill.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The lightly penciled hand-numbering on the back cover seems to state that I have copy “009/600” independently of which way i have the cover turned at the time.

 –norb (Frantic City,