At long last, the LP that should have been released years ago. Sometimes watching 7”s steadily trickle out of a band is an overwhelming and alienating experience. For the last several years, Marvelous Darlings have been doing just that. And it may have left many people on the fence, but with the release of the Live at Gales LP and this here collection, any non-believers should be effectively won over to their brand of power pop-infused punk. In the interview in issue #63, Darling’s frontman Ben Cook credits the band’s infectiousness to the songwriting skills of guitarist, Matty D. That may very well be true, because it seems like the lead guitar is constantly wailing, but Ben’s vocal delivery is as convincing and powerful as one can expect. In a genre where bands commonly posture better than they play, you gotta hand it to the ones that know how to deliver. Firestarter’s Living on the Heat, Exploding Hearts’ Guitar Romantic, Marvelous Darlings’ Single Life. Pure pop. Totally punk.

 –Daryl Gussin (Deranged)