MARVELOUS DARLINGS: Shoot the Piano Player b/w I Want My Brand: 7"

Nov 22, 2009

Denim, glitter, platforms, and leather of the mind. That’s what the Marvelous Darlings sound like. Oh, plus strutting, pouting, and ‘tude. Ask any first-gen L.A. punk rocker what they were listening to pre-’77, and they were all about Cooper, Bowie, Sweet, T.Rex. It’s about power, taste, and shit from a different cosmos. The Marvelous Darlings—masterminded by Ben Cook—bleed figurative chest hair, sequins, male lip gloss, and gun powder. I’m thinking, considering all their output, that they’re standing toe-to-toe with The Lee Harvey Oswald Band: powerpop with glitterglam, wham-bam ma’am tendencies done right.

 –todd (Taken By Surprise)