MARVELOUS DARLINGS: “I’ll Stand by Her” b/w “Friend of a Friend': 7"

Nov 30, 2010

You’ve got me. I have no idea what’s distracting people on a large scale from great music because, by all accounts, Marvelous Darlings would fill stadiums in previous decades. In an underground lousy with garage bands deconstructing a perfectly good genre with “art concepts,” Marvelous Darlings are the glitter platform boots with live gold fishes in ‘em. They’re the strutting aliens of power pop, with the angels and devils of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Eddie Cochran tattooed on ‘em as guides. Marvelous Darlings are fun, tight, delightful, catchy… you know, powerful rock’n’roll with pursed lips and style.

 –todd (Plastic Idol)