MARVELOUS DARLINGS: I Don’t Wanna Go to the Party: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Being slightly hesitant about checking this band out due to their featuring ex-members of one-time hardcore darlings No Warning, I was also slightly hesitant in admitting to myself and others that this new band—which sounds absolutely nothing like the Madball/Cro-Mags worship of No Warning—is actually pretty good. Ass-shaking, ‘70s-style pop punk with lots of Thunders-esque leads. The title track is the clear standout on this two-song single and the style change on the B-side makes the record seem a bit unbalanced, but it’s obvious that this band is onto something. The most questionable element here is a faux-Brit accent that seriously makes me cringe, but for a first release, this is pretty impressive. Regardless, along with the Tranzmitors, Statues, the Dangerloves, and a handful of others, Marvelous Darlings are part of an ever-growing, amazing, Canadian punk scene that hasn’t been this potent in years. –Dave Williams

 –guest (Deranged)