MARTIN REV: Self-titled: LP

Sep 18, 2013

As one half of rock’n’roll’s most confrontational acts, Martin Rev was recognized as dangerous in an already dangerous scene. While The Ramones quibbled with each other on the CBGB stage, Suicide brandished bicycle chains at the audience. They combined the abrasive aspects of punk and electronic music into a sound that’s still ahead of its time thirty years later. Rev’s solo efforts carry on where Suicide left off with overdriven electronic riffs framing minimalistic poetry. Rev’s deadpan vocal delivery over electronic pings and swooshy keyboards is reminiscent of the best of the dronier aspects of the Silver Apples. He’s not afraid to let the music spin out of control into a noisy mess. Rev captures a late night quality with his music that could be the soundtrack to shopping in an overnight deli.

 –Billups Allen (Superior Viaduct)