Martha: Both songs are feel-good poppy punk with a strong Plan-It-X vibe. Martha strum the type of riffs that make you bob your head like a chicken. My only ding is that “1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely” is featured on their latest LP, Courting Strong, soClatty Harriet” is the only exclusive. Regardless, good stuff and a great introduction to a charming band. Spoonboy: David Combs is a songwriter I’ve grown up following. I started playing acoustic guitar in high school partially because of I Love You, This Is a Robbery, so I can never say no to two new Spoonboy tunes. “Free Your Mind, Square” is traditional Spoonboy: stripped-down, twee pop punk rich with melodies, bursting with personality, and defiantly liberated. His second contribution, “Bloom Late or GTFO,” is a slowed-down ballad pledging “to appreciate the warmth of the blood that courses surely through my veins.” Listening to Spoonboy is like dusting the cobwebs in my heart. It’s just good for you. 

 –Sean Arenas (Nervous Nelly)