MARTHA: Courting Strong: LP

Martha is as drool-worthy as an ice cream cone. They follow a standard recipe of milk, cream, and sugar with songs that don’t deviate much from traditional pop structure. Upon first nibble, Courting Strong seems like a reliable vanilla, satisfying enough on a hot day, yet never your first choice flavor. But, once you get past the initial creamy layer, you realize there was a vein of delicious caramel filling hidden inside. Each delectably delivered pop song is its own tasty flavor with subject matter ranging from the occult (“Cosmic Misery” warrants a whiplash-inducing double take) to high school infatuation (albeit a very British high school) to dealing with unfair gender roles (“Sleeping Beauty” would make any proud feminist yell out ‘YES!’). Like any good ice cream base, Martha takes basic ingredients and turns them into something memorable. 

 –Ashley (Salinas)