MARMARA STREISAND: The Purity of Arms/Lullabies of Destruction: LP

Sep 24, 2014

I now know a grand total of one militant anarcho crust punk band from Israel. Tense and nerve-wracking, violin-heavy stuff mildly similar to Submission Hold or Sake, save for the old yowlin’-growler dude-vocals running throughout most of the songs. Most of it is pretty standard crust stuff, though there are a few tracks in which the ever-present violin is used to good effect to bulk up their more “traditional” Middle Eastern songs—and then a few random ones where they just freak their shit out Combat Wounded Veteran-style. A combination of their first two releases, the LP comes with a gigantic glossy poster and double-sided lyric sheet. Was a little too repetitive musically, but the band’s sense of rage and discontent directed at their government and security forces was palpable and came across loud and clear. 

 –keith (Marmara Streisand)