Jul 28, 2009

The Speedkings roped in one Marky Ramone to fill the drum seat in their band and record this disc with ‘em. As usual, brother Marky’s teflon-coated wrists from hell accompany this release just fine. Heavy Ramones influences abound, but I emphasize the word “heavy" – lots of ballsy, low-end tromp for yer buck here. Song topics range from a rock'n'roll asshole, girls, cars and girls, road rage, hot UPS girls, propositioning married girls in heat, sex phone girls, girl’s beaver on one’s mind, and even a song about telling fuckers to quit looking at someone’s missing weenie hair (which has a very catchy chorus, by the way, guys). Included are four live Ramones cuts the Speedkings pulled out live at a New Years Eve show in Germany. This disc is proof that one of the greatest punk drummers still standing can still crush it out, and the Speedkings show just that.

 –dale (

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