This Is My Fist: Gave these kids a spin ‘cause, let’s be honest here, they’re working at a severe disadvantage being coupled with the band on the flip of this and I wanna give ‘em the fair shake they deserve. “All That Is Wrong” is a nice’n’solid, catchy bit of punky pop. “Bad Seed” starts off at a gallop then slows things down a bit midway through, with a structure a bit more complex than most. Can’t remember if I’ve paid much attention to ‘em before, but plan to do so in the future ‘cause this is some good stuff. Marked Men: At this point I seriously wonder if there’s any praise left for these guys that hasn’t already been heaped on them. If you happen to be one of the three people on the planet that has yet to hear ‘em, they specialize in a brand of frantic pop that sounds butt simple until you either try to play it yourself or really pay attention to what’s going on and find the treasure trove of obscene hooks buried deep into every note. Two tunes this time ‘round, short, to the point, and so catchy you almost wanna beat ‘em up for being too goddamned good. I once proclaimed ‘em god, and this doesn’t sway that opinion one iota.

 –jimmy (No Idea)