MARKED MEN, THE: On the Outside: CDEP

Apr 02, 2009

The second full length by the Marked Men is awe inspiring – fantastic power punk akin to ‘70s bands like The Nerves or The Real Kids, but being delivered by 3/4 of The Reds. Jeff Burke has truly captivated me, beyond anything accomplished by The Reds or The Chop-Sakis. His storytelling and delivery are over and above any copycat Killed by Death rehash band. This is not to say that Mark Ryan’s songs are lacking, but Burke doesn’t sound like another person on the planet. I loved The Reds and they had a choppy style that was always interesting, but the rhythm of this is different. Everything sounds more organic, less forced. Mike Throneberry’s drumming seems to find a more natural pace and with the addition of a new bass player, it just clicks. Sadly, most people buying punk records will say it’s too pop and people buying pop will think it’s too hard. The fucked message being that you can’t be in a great punk band and write a good hook. Easily one of the best records I have heard this year. –Wanda Sprag

 –guest (Dirtnap)