Jul 13, 2006

This has to have been one of my most anticipated releases in quite a while. Ever since I found The Marked Men in the pages of this very magazine and subsequently picked up On The Outside, I have been waiting for this. I am a fiend for this band. At first, I was taken by surprise at how clean sounding it was compared to their earlier releases. I started to get nervous, but as I listened I found it growing on me like a mold of some kind. It’s got a definite departure from the feel of, say, On The Outside, but the core of the songs remain the same; distant and desperate. With each listen through, I found myself getting into it more and more until the title track exploded into full on Marked Men goodness. I think it’s almost more satisfying when you have to work and listen for the payoff.

 –ty (Swami)

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