Jan 12, 2010

Reviewing re-releases is always a bit tricky, particularly when it’s a record that you’ve been listening to with some regularity for a few years now, and you’re well aware that this is also the case for most (hopefully, anyway) of the people reading this review. Regardless, I think Fix My Brain is, hands down, the best Marked Men record. It sounds to me that it was at this point that the band fully realized “their sound” that they hinted at on previous records, and while I do enjoy Ghosts, I still stand by Fix My Brain as The Marked Men’s finest hour. “A Little Time,” “Wait Here, Wait for You,” and the title track are pretty much perfect songs, and the rest of the record doesn’t fall far behind. If you haven’t heard this record, thank the heavens that you can pick it up again, and do so as soon as you can.

 –Dave William (DIRTNAP)