MARKED MEN: On the Other Side: 7”

How is it that a band who I thought broke up can keep making such great music? Is it some kind of magical Tupac thing? No, the reality is that the Marked Men are not broken up, just geographically on hiatus. This means every now and then we will be blessed with a couple of tunes to rock out to and be amazed by. This 7” was released in conjunction with the Chaos In Tejas festival in Austin at which I was lucky enough to see Marked Men twice and get this new record. It was worth the trip! Having been a fan for a while now, I knew it being good wouldn’t be an issue, but having the chance to see them live really added a new facet to my enjoyment of the band. The two tracks here are “On” and “The Other Side.” The funny thing here is that they really are on the other side than they should be, because the labels are on the wrong sides… Or maybe that’s the point? Or maybe I’m just assuming that the song that says “on” a lot is called “On”? All I know is that I have two more tracks of Marked Men goodness that I didn’t have before and my life is better for it. Throw in cover art by the amazing Tim Kerr and this is even more of a winner!

 –ty (540, no address listed)