Apr 27, 2009

When the last Marked Men record came out (Fix My Brain) I was kind of bummed out. It sounded different from the previous records and it was weird to me. I was talking to Todd about it and in his sage-like way told me to give it a chance to grow on me. Nowadays, that disc is in rotation around here more often than not. Well, here we are with another disc from our boys in Denton and I am pleased to report that there is no “growing period” needed here! This baby flat-out rocks! I’ve more or less lived and breathed On the Outside for a few years now, and I’ve got to say that this one is quickly climbing up to that level. It’s like the aural equivalent of crushing up and snorting a bunch of pep pills and washing them back with endless beers with the one you love… Comfortably on edge! Now the sad part is that it sounds like this is going to be the last Marked Men record we get for a long while. That sucks.

 –ty (Dirtnap)

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