MARK VAN HOEN: Nightvision: CD

Jan 19, 2016

I listen to a lot of non-punk music and one style I’ve been getting into more is ambient electronic. Think Brian Eno. Yeah, it may seem almost an antithesis of punk, but sometimes I need music that can block out all the noise in my head and help me focus on the task at hand, whatever it might be. Sometimes Black Flag just doesn’t cut it. Mark Van Hoen’s album Nightvision fits in well in that category. Besides Eno, I’m reminded of Boards Of Canada, another group I enjoy. I refuse to do drugs to this music, but I can easily see someone doing that while listening to these ten songs. Totally chill music to listen to with the lights out in your bedroom while you drink tea and stare into the emptiness.

 –Kurt Morris (Saint Marie,

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