MARK SULTAN: The Sultanic Verses: CD

Jul 23, 2007

‘60s garage rock breaks into the empty house and party in a one-man band. The “let’s rock” vibe is in full effect here, where his albums with King Khan have a little more diversity from slow to fast, and his album with The Mind Controls is faster garage. Here its bop bop bop guitar, hand claps, sweet singing and lyrics, as catchy as it gets. Sure it’s a lot of a one thing, and part of me wants to say this is straight ahead and seems like lots of bands could do this, but fuck, where are they?! As opposed to a band with two good songs and filler, Sultan is consistently good—with a ton of great songs. On top of that, he has released X number of records the past couple of years as BBQ or The Mind Controls and all have been great after repeated listens. I’m starting to swear by him.

 –mike (In The Red)