MARK OF CAIN, THE: The Unclaimed Prize: CD

Nov 21, 2006

This is a reissue of an obscure (well, obscure to me, at least) Australian band’s second album, originally released in 1991 and subsequently reissued repeatedly over the ensuing years by a number of different labels. Taking cues from some of post-punk noise rock’s heaviest hitters—a little Killing Joke here, a little Big Black there, a smidge of Foetus’ more rambunctious moments, and maybe just a dash of Birthday Party for color—and yet managing to avoid sounding like a trite rehash of all the above, they take the sum of these parts, dress ’em up nice and purty with loud guitars, driving beats and attitude up the wazoo and just let fly some savage, pounding, and strangely catchy tuneage. Seeing as they’re still out and about making a racket, one would assume that catching ’em live (as well as investing in a few of their releases) would not be a bad idea.

 –jimmy (Feel Presents)

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