MARITIME: We, the Vehicles: CD

Sep 03, 2006

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what anyone else reviewing some of the stuff I get would say about it. Or perhaps the editors just send me this stuff because they know it’s more up my alley than say, something from some crust or ‘77 punk band. Looking at the type of bands we interview here (most of whom are very cool, by the way), I just wonder what some of these record labels are thinking sending their CDs to us. Maybe they’re hoping it gets to me since I’m probably the only person here who might cut it some slack. Maybe not. I don’t know. What I do know is that Maritime is the project of one half of Promise Ring and one member from The Dismemberment Plan. Based on that, one might expect sissy music. And one would be right. This is a light-hearted affair with soft, lisped vocals courtesy of Davey von Bohlen and gentle pop music usually accompanied by soothing guitars and the occasional keys. The drumming is consistently steady and the bass is almost non-existent, but in the end the songs are what they are: incredibly catchy and delightful to listen to. You may want to make fun of them at first, but after a few listens they actualize themselves as pleasant, honest works that are soothing and generous in their delivery.

 –kurt (Flameshovel)

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