MARDO: The New Gun: CD

Jan 18, 2007

The first song that starts off this CD is a ‘70s hard rock guitar riff, then the words, “She’s so sexy, only seventeen, little bit a sugar gonna sweeten my tea!” Then the chorus, “I still want her, I still need her.” Led Zeppelin wrote songs like this in the ‘70s that in retrospect just seem silly. But they had Jimmy Page. The other songs run the gamut from a cover of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” with all the soul drained out of it to a ballad with the lyrics: “See me, feel me, touch me, kill me.” Everything on this CD seems like a cliché. The funniest thing about this CD (other than advertising for “street teamers”) is the stern warning on the back, “WARNING! This is a numbered and trackable advanced promotional copy. Not for sale. This copy is PROPERTY of HOUSE of RESTITUTION RECORDS. Violaters[sic] will be prosicuted[sic].” C’mon, spellchecking isn’t that hard.

 –Jason Donnerparty (House of Restitution Records)