MARCHING ORDERS: Songs of Yesterday: 7”

Australia’s Marching Orders blew a lot of us away when they played at the East Coast of Oi! festival a few years ago. Their records aren’t too shabby either. This two-song single features the ultra catchy “Songs of Yesterday” from their new LP as well as a cover of the classic “Mods Skins Punks” by The Professionals. While firmly rooted in oi, Marching Orders also have a lot in common with European street punk bands like Klasse Kriminale. Marching Orders are as catchy as punk gets, so these anthems are hard to resist. Expertly recorded at a Melbourne studio, this 7” is a prime example of how to retain musical credibility despite slick production. They might call themselves Marching Orders, but no one’s going to be giving them their marching orders anytime soon.

 –Art Ettinger (Longshot)