May 21, 2010

Former Occam’s Razor principal goes the solo route on this new release. It’s punk, but it’s not the sonic blast you may be accustomed to in other areas. Acoustic guitar is the rule here, with minimal back-up provided by bass guitar and mini bongos. But the snarl and disgust with the norm is all here wrapped up in a nice neat package. Ganancias’s vocals works to great effect on tunes like “Company for Tragedies” and “Untie the Time.” The release is book ended by two very cool covers: GI’s “Jaded Eyes” and Elvis Costello’s “Busy Bodies.” Although guest stars from Down By Law and Pseudo Heroes appear here, this is Ganancias’s baby and it’s solid and tuneful from top to bottom.

 –koepenick (Seld-released)