MARA’AKATE: Congratulations on Your Impending Geography DVD

Nov 13, 2006

Tour home movie video of the now-defunct Indiana band traveling across Europe with live songs, hanging out, investigating foreign lands. Mara’Akate was a tight, swirling hardcore band that delivered serious noise and energy. Tons of guest stars including L.A.D.S., Francis Brady, Phobia, With Love, Raein, The Now Denial and others. I liked the wandering around footage a lot—it seemed like every town was abandoned and open for the band, especially the hanging out before a show. Everything shot from a single camera so you get the feeling of being in the van. Extras include audio commentary, a full set from Summerslam 2003, unreleased live audio, live footage with Enkephalin, and more. Check it out. –Speedway Randy (