MANXX, THE: “Messin’ Around” b/w “Hard Lessons”: 7"

May 09, 2012

Swank cheese from Denver, shrewdly blending the enthusiastically rinky-dink with the low, throaty gurgle of a high-performance Leslie organ speaker. Clipped female vocals waxing poetic about cannonballs in the swimming pool and doing it with boys bring to mind visions of the Okmoniks doing Radio X-era Donnas numbers, and it’s hard to kick that particular concept out of bed. Although i applaud the inclusion of a download code, i’ll register a token grouse about the running length, though...a sub-two-minute A-side backed with a minute-thirty-five B-side suggests plenty of room for a third song on the flip, or, at bare minimum, doubling up the A-side, Rip Off Records style, and leaving the B-side blank. That, of course, gains me no additional Manxx songs, but it does help me sleep better at night knowing all resources are being used to their fullest utility. But yes, it is as the sleeve says: “Another Fine Batch Of Snappy Little Numbers!” BEST SONG: “Messin’ Around” BEST SONG TITLE: “Messin’ Around” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Run-off groove etchings read “this party has a pool!” on the A-side, and “la mauvaise education...” on the flip.

 –norb (Snappy Little Numbers)

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