MANX, THE: Bloody Chronicles: 7” EP

Jul 26, 2013

This four-piece folk punk outfit releases their third EP, wielding mandolin, accordion, banjo, and bass. If The Pine Hill Haints are uptown, The Manx reside downtown with a little more dirt in their teeth and under their fingernails. Here they kick off these four new tracks with “Blood Gold,” pulling from traditional structures with a crisp mandolin intro which turns a corner into a banjo-shredding, porch-stomping affair. Rounding out the eccentricities so prevalent in folk punk, the boys from Los Angeles toss in a micro Korg and tinkly glockenspiel heard in “Husky Tavern,” distinguishing it from the rest of the herd. While they can clearly create a lot of melodic jangling, I’m not struck by much of a range as one song falls into another with the same time signature. Perhaps they could take a few pointers from their uptown counterparts.

 –Kristen K. (Sweat Band, [email protected])