MANVILLE: Gettin’ Freak Nasty: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Everything about the band’s name, the title of their record and its esthetics are completely misleading about the sort of music that they actually play. The cover is a complete rip off of another 7”. Something makes me want to say Pennywise. The song titles include “Bun Battle,” “Baby Shit,” and “Taint, Maine.” The band’s name is “Manville” and, finally, the record is called Gettin’ Freak Nasty. It doesn’t take a genius to think 1+1+1+1 = bogus bro-punk. Well, unless the plant fucked up and pressed another band’s music here, Manville fooled the shit out of this sheep with its bro-wolf’s clothing. What you’re actually getting on here is really tight, aggressive, screamy, metallic punkish hardcore. Despite the heinous song titles and all that other crap, this is actually decent.

 –Steve Stephenson (Yosada)