MANUAL ZOMBIE: Fresh Milk: Cassette

Nov 16, 2010

With early Nirvana similarities, this is one of the most quietly disturbing albums of the year. Bleak lyrics mumbled unintelligibly paired with a deluge of grungy guitars make up the components of this Brooklyn trio’s living dead. Plagued by addiction, disease and botched suicide attempts, Fresh Milk is anything but hopeful or optimistic. “Sniffing Glue” starts off in a gauzy haze like an intro by The Velvet Underground and quickly mutates into a rattling wall of guitar effects and pained, hungover vocals, while “Tetanus” has a driving hook and thundering drums. Great guitar work all throughout. If you dig lo-fi grunge with a shot of self-loathing, this is for you. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Self Released,