MANTS, THE: Destroyed by Fuzz: 7”

Once upon a time in the mid-1990s, garage punk ruled the land. Labels like Crypt, Estrus, and Lance Rock put out the raw sound that was the antithesis of the “big rock” sound that was gaining traction in the mainstream. That is when I first heard The Mants. From Planet X (via Calgary, Alberta), The Mants were half man, half ant, and all action! Their 7” singles brought the primal stomp that they knew we filthy primates wanted to hear. Songs about enslaving humanity and/or getting in your pants were the order of the day… Then they disappeared. Some claimed the government finally caught them, and some said that they finally headed back to their own galaxy, but the bottom line was that our insectoid rock overlords had left us. Flash forward a couple of decades. After being dormant for so long, The Mants reappeared (and in my town no less!). Shows were played and primates were enslaved once more in the fuzz trap from Planet X. Now they have unleashed their latest vinyl weapon upon us. Four quick blasts of the stuff of legend. Fuzz guitar with vocals to match, and a back end that will make you shake yours like a mating ritual with the queen of the colony. Hide your women and your sugar supply because The Mants are coming for you! 

 –ty (Manglor)