MAN…OR ASTRO-MAN: Your Weight on the Moon: CD

Nov 15, 2011

A reissue of a 10” EP, plus the tracks from the Mission to Chaos and Return to Chaos 7” EPs. I profess to have little to no real knowledge about this band, which is a huge oversight on my part. I have no real explanation why, seeing as everything I’ve ever heard by ‘em I dug, but, nonetheless, they’re one o’ them bands I always promised I’d pay more attention to but never actually got around to picking up any of their stuff. By the sound of it, these are from relatively early in their career, with virtually no synths in evidence and all but one of the nineteen tracks are surfy instrumentals with a beefy, punky sound and a lot of audio samples from assorted movies and television shows. If that sounds right up your alley but, like this dolt, haven’t taken the time to give ‘em proper adulation, I suggest you get to it, bucko.

 –jimmy (Overground)