MANIX, THE: Van Activities: 7”EP

In this post-Rivethead / Banner Pilot, Dear Landlord-ascending world with the Dopamines peeking over the cinder block wall like Kilroy, The Copyrights’ show the previous night still ringing in the air, and Jesse Thorson driving the van telling them of all the things they’re doing poorly, The Manix Minneapolis-icity/Midwestern pop punk-isms are undeniable. They play ball bearing tight with no irony in sight: songs about the simple life and the nine-to-five version of death that so many Americans punch themselves in the face with every day. The dividing line between “Yeah, it’s all right” and “Flip it over. Play it again,” in pop punk is the thinnest of lines if you’ve been listening to it for more than five years. The Manix have both the compressed “we’re in it together” feeling and that electrical spark that keeps on zapping through all four songs. Well played.

 –todd (Whoa Oh,