MANIPULATORS, THEE: Ease Up on the Breakdowns: LP

Nov 30, 2010

I knew nothing about this Vancouver band when I saw them except that it has some members of a couple of punk rock bands I used to do shows with. I wasn’t prepared to have my head blown off! Thee Manips took the stage and destroyed it! Five piece garage punk trash with minimal organ that had the seething, drunken, electrical charge of prime New Bomb Turks or Rocket From The Crypt. Yes, they were that good. I bought an LP without hesitation. When I laid it on the turntable, my feelings were mixed. No, it’s not that there is anything wrong with the record. It is excellent. The thing is that a lot of that amazing, frantic on stage energy isn’t on the record. Luckily, the songs are amazing. With the organ way up in the front, they come off more along the lines of The Mummies than the Turks. That’s pretty damn good to me. I would travel to see this band play again!

 –ty (Neptoon)