MANIKINS, THE: Spend the Night Alone: 7”

Sep 08, 2006

Like fellow Swedes, Randy, these guys have the Back to the Future capability to seamlessly shuttle through the roots of rock’n’roll but never forget that it’s 2006. Take the “fully dressed on stage, but mentally fucking your girlfriend” capability of Chuck Berry, the “how dare you steal something from the U.S.A. and turbocharge it, you tricky bastard”ness of Japan’s Firestarter, and the “They’re probably got nominated for a Swedish Grammy” sound, and it’s difficult for me not to like. It’s like being playfully slapped by someone who just poured you a glass of champagne right after telling you a joke: bubbling, broken glass, chipped tooth fun. Limited to 500, white vinyl.

 –todd (Plastic Idol)

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