Jun 29, 2007

I’m not the world’s biggest post punk fan. Mostly, it’s due to the fact that the punk part is largely left out as “youthful garbage” for some sort of “expansion” or “maturity” or “development” that results with me being bored stiff. I always hesitate with bands that toe that “we love Gang Of Four and Wire” line and then go and mope around like people looking for lost buttons from their sweaters on stage. Luckily, Manikin remembers that the art of throwing musical rocks can still be worthwhile, even if it’s played more proficiently and with a little less nihilism. The droning voice anchors. The drums concretize a solid foundation with the bass, and the guitar volleys and paints. There’s definite force, momentum, and direction. The end result is; basically, if you like any bit of Joy Division, then chances are you’ll dig Manikin. Sophistication doesn’t necessarily have to equal musical safety and boredom. I won’t be listening to this everyday, but it’s a solid and interesting changeup from my usual.

 –todd (Super Secret)