Feb 25, 2009

I hate to sound redundant and cliched, but the first word that comes to mind when listening to Manifesto Jukebox is intense (as defined by Webster: “Having or exhibiting a distinctive feature to an extreme degree” and also “Deeply felt; profound.”). Manifesto Jukebox’s distinctive feature is their undeniable aural rage that’s all-at-once passionate, precise, and, yes, profound. It’s most definitely pure punkrock kineticism in attitude, emotion, and delivery (but thankfully without all of the stylish and predictable bullshit antics that routinely permeate the punkrock airwaves today!). With this sonically endearing CD, my ears are appreciatively basking in an arousing assortment of sound that’s entirely riveting, uniquely original, and powerfully uplifting. Gravelly, anger-tinged vocals, jangly and urgent distortion-heavy guitars, power-surge undercurrents of bass-thumping splendor, and sporadic deafening bursts of volcanic percussion all intricately intermingle into one immense explosion of unstoppable energy (think Husker Du, Leatherface, and an entire regiment of Molotov cocktail-tossing seditionists). I swear to you, this is one of the most life-altering auditory experiences I’ve ever endured. So rise-up and meet the Manifesto Jukebox challenge as soon as humanly possible. Your ears will be eternally grateful! –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (BYO)