MANIC HISPANIC: The Recline of Mexican Civilization: CD

Sep 10, 2009

Orale, these crazy vatos got some new shit out! This time they take rolas Los Descendents, Los Heartbreakers, Social Distortion, Rancid, Catholic Discipline and Offspring and “varrio-ize” them so that the boys in the ‘hood can pick up on the whole punk trip tambien. Those punker chicks are pretty fine, even if they are missing most of their hair and what’s left ain’t feathered. Que gacho. Sometimes they dance a fine line between parodying stereotypes and reinforcing them, but fuck it, I got a sense of humor, homes. Besides, these balazos will sound firme blasting out of the system in my dropped orange ranfla as I cruise through the dangerous streets of Monterey Park (hey, anybody who’s ever had to be behind the wheel while on them streets ain’t gonna argue with me). And if the chota don’t like the shit I’m booming, lo chingare, ese. There’s at least one happy vato in the varrio tonight.

 –jimmy (BYO)