Jul 18, 2011

Feedback-drenched pop. Mix the rawest Vivian Girls, or Finally Punk, with Psychocandy era Jesus And Mary Chain. The drums provide a catchy, driving beat, making the listener think all is swell, then comes a blast of feedback to let you know it’s not all pretty and sweet. I like the noisiness and I’ve always been a fan of feedback. I also like how the album starts off where the music sounds like it’s warped and f’d up before going into a straight-on cracker, “Animals,” that has a quick tempo and some shout-along vocals. For the most part, this is pretty good. At times, they kind of do some “ehhhh...” stuff, but then they have a song like “Waves” or “Images,” which bring the pop elements to the fore with great results. These songs are really tuneful and had me walking over to the stereo to put these two songs in particular back on for a couple more listens before proceeding to the songs that follow.

 –M.Avrg (Dead Beat,