MANHANDLERS: Self-titled: CD

Nov 20, 2008

The Manhandlers have one song, which I’m fine with. And it lasts for twelve songs on this LP. It just depends on how much screeching I can take. As a 7”, I’d probably play the shit out of this. As a full-length, I’m not as stoked because it blends all together into a big tumor-y lump. They’re all ladies. Ramones buzzsaw guitars. Watery bass reminiscent of the Dead Kennedy’s Klaus Fluoride. Sometimes sexy, sometimes irritating vocals. Songs about revenge, pharmaceuticals, and relationships. Come to think of it, last issue I was bummed at listening to Joan Jett. Joan was sounding dirty but her all-pro backup band sounded way too clean, like they were selling soap. The Manhandlers would be perfect in that latter role. They’ve definitely got the intensity, the grit, the barbs sticking out, and lipstick smears in private places, but a little variance in the songs wouldn’t hurt ‘em one bit.

 –todd (Criminal I.Q.)

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