MANGINA: Self-titled: 7"

Sep 03, 2006

Hilarious packaging: they’ve reprinted entries of a ton of shows they played; the majority of ‘em seem to end with someone getting pieces of glass in their back, someone getting attacked by a pit bull, or someone getting threatened with a gun. Grow ‘em wild in Alabama, they do. Also comes with a two-track CD-R that’s spray painted orange. I hate that I’ve reviewed something in the past two issues where I compare the vocalist to the dude from Contra, even though each band has musically and aesthetically sounded nothing like them, and here I am doing it again: this guy sounds a lot like the dude from Contra. Or maybe a slightly-less crazed Combat Wounded Veteran. The music follows suit: Combat Wounded Veteran simplified and slowed down just a tad. The vinyl’s white and someone wrote “Mangina” in brown marker over one side. I have no idea what they’re singing about, since they included three inserts and no lyrics, but one can only assume a song called “Rob Halford May Be Gay (But You’re a Fucking Faggot)” is either a spirited anthem regarding homosexuality, or it’s meant to piss people off. Either way, I was down with the DIY packaging but the actual music struck me as a bit dull. If their show excerpts are any indication, the live show’s where it’s at for this band anyway.

 –keith (Jeth-Row)

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