MANGINA: At War with Black Metal: 7"

Apr 02, 2009

I’m not sure but I think that sometimes, when someone’s trying so damn hard to bend over backwards in an attempt to parody something, they end up sticking the heads straight up their asses and, in essence, come full circle; in other words, they wind up a parody that is no longer a parody. Your guess is as good as mine with this pod of mooning wizards, traipsing in their little capes, codpieces, and shakily-applied King Diamond clown make-up as they ape all the over-the-top machinations of a black metal band lost in its own intestinal ooze... Are they in earnest or just taking the piss out of the Varg Vikerneses and Euronymouses of the world? It’s probably an irrelevant question; it probably all comes down to how brittle your sense of humor has become over the years. I can see Mangina growing on me and then again, maybe I’ll never play it again. But I think I would definitely check them out live, if only for the funny outfits.

–aphid (Jeth-Row)